EV Charging

Powered by durable components and intelligent software, our charging stations are compatible with every electric vehicle, now and in the future.

EVIT provides both EV AC (slow) and DC (fast) charger which works through the user authentication process via a mobile app on the user/operator side.

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Plug and Play Technology

100% charge within 80 min

Solar power wherever feasible

Intelligent control unit

Advance slot booking by app

Data backup in emergency

Online Payment Option

2 Years Warranty

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EVIT Cloud Based Platform

  • Map view for charging sites registered with EVIT
  • Real-time view of EVIT Charging station location and availability
  • Remote monitoring of EVIT charging sites for better customer support
  • View map of history, tariffs on various sites, energy consumed and the amount to be paid
  • Transactional graph based on the energy consumed on a weekly or monthly basis
  • Data view of OCPP, Transactions, and energy consumed

For End-Users/Drivers

  • Locate Chargers through the map provided in the portal
  • Get details of each site, availability of connectors before visiting the site
  • Advance slot booking of the charger
  • Communicate with Charger Operator Remotely for any assistance
  • Pay bills online
  • Scan and Charge when charging by visiting a site
  • View their history, tariffs on various sites, energy consumed, and the amount paid
  • Remotely start or stop a charging transaction