3.3 kW HMI Charger

3.3 kW HMI Charger is able to charge all-electric vehicles compliant with AIS 138 Part-1 standards and OCPP 1.6J. LEV-AC Charger is user-friendly and safe. After coupling the charger’s output plug in the EV it requires only user identification for starting the process. It can measure the output energy that can be used for information and monitoring purposes

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Technical Specifications


Rated Power

3.3 kW

Charging Slots


Input Voltage

230 V AC

Standard Vehicle & Charger

IS-17017-22-1: 2021

Input Type

Single Phase (L1, N, PE)

Standard CMS & Charger

OCPP 1.6J (Upgradable to 2.0.1)

User Interface

RF ID, LED Indications (Ready, Waiting, Charging, Error)

Approx. Battery Charging Time

9 Hours

Vehicle Type

Electric 2-Wheeler, Electric 3 Wheeler, Electric 4-Wheeler