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VCUBE EV CHARGING STATION (converting electrons into fuel)

The VCube EV Charging Station will provide the convenience to EV drivers and charge their EV in less than 80 minutes


Offers Electric Vehicle System Solutions.EVIT currently incubated at Electropreneur Park (funded and supported by Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology,Govt. of India),New Delhi.

People are moving to Electric Vehicles (EV)

By 2022 electric vehicles will cost the same as their internal-combustion counterparts.

About US


EVI Technologies

offers Electric Vehicle system solutions.

EVI Technologies Private Limited (EVIT), based in New Delhi, offers Electric Vehicle system solutions.

EVIT’s services are characterized by the highest quality standards, sustainable reliability and sustained performance. The system components meet the highest requirements for reliability and durability; thanks to continuous quality controls during the manufacturing process, and strict operational checks which are according to IEC/Indian standards at our manufacturer partner works.

EVIT’s R&D team works continuously on further improving the effective combination of individual components, in order to establish high-yield and optimally coordinated efficient Electric Vehicle (EV) charging systems in the first instance in the market. Additionally, in order to guarantee that the end customer benefits from comprehensive and professional advice and installation, EVIT relies on partnership-like collaboration with specialized craftsmen and provides them support in technical and product development of EV systems.


Q Firstly, when was the last time you ran out of the Petrol/Diesel in your vehicle?

For most people the answer is never, because they watch the fuel gauge and fill up their tank when it is almost empty. It’s the same with an EV.

Q How do you charge EV?

Now that you have chosen the EV that best fits your needs, how do you charge it up?

Well it’s easy as charging your phone and can be done in the comfort of your home or our (n numbers) VCube EV Charging Stations in India.

With the aim of more than 5000 EV charging stations in India by 2020, there is a good chance you can charge your EV while you are at work, shopping, at the movie, at the mall, at the doctor etc. So you can probably drive farther than you think.

Q If the destination is beyond the range of the electric vehicle, the driver will need to plan the journey “Where Can he charge the EV on the road”?

It is easy to charge every night and EV drivers don’t need as much one-time range as a typical Petrol/Diesel engine car driver who may refuel once a week . On the way to destination EV driver can pull in to one of the (n numbers) VCube EV Charging stations to “top up”.

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Contact US

EVI Technologies Private Limited
Regd. Office:13A/16, Second Floor, WEA, Karol Bagh,
New Delhi-110005, Delhi, India. Phone: +91 9910405350
Corporate Office: #11, Electropreneur Park, G/116, Benito Juarez Marg, Sector-3, Block G,
South Moti Bagh, New Delhi-110021, Delhi, India. Phone:+91 9711319880
Email: info@evitpl.com